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Traffic Snippets Wordpress Plugin
Feature suggestions are most welcome!
I am actively using this plugin at work on high traffic websites, so its functional and under heavy testing. However, please consider this is first release and might have terrible bugs still.

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Traffic Snippets v.1.0.1

v.1.0.0 * initial release, old official page:

This plugin was closed from the official wordpress directory because it uses eval(). There is no way this plugin can do what it does without the benefits of the eval function. I will only provide updates of the plugin on this page, and continue to develop it outside the official market. This is a very powerful plugin, only recommended to advanced users, and it seems the wordpress mods consider that regular users might abuse it so they don't want it in their market. If you have admin users that you do not trust running code , i believe you should have better reasons to be concerned about.

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